Why is La La Land so good?

Why is la la land is so good

Why is La La Land so good? I hear this question more often from my friends. So, in this article, I am going to answer that question. I first watched La La Land back in 2016. Although I was not a huge fan of the musical genre back then, I decided to give it a try. I had doubts about this film whether it would be good or not. But as soon as the film started, all my doubts were cleared. After finishing the film, I literally scratched my head to find some flaws in the movie. However, I could not find any.

Now that a long time has passed since I watched this film, I watched it again today. And you know what? I loved it even more as I watched it for the second time. La La Land is so good because of its unique and different storytelling. Likewise, the film is very rich in terms of technical level. In this review, I am going to my thoughts about the La La Land film and why is it so good.  


La La Land depicts the love story of Mia and Sebastian, a young boy and girl, struggling to fulfill their dreams. Sebastian is a pianist who is obsessed with jazz and wants to open his own jazz club to prevent it from dying. Whereas, Mia is an aspiring actress struggling to put her steps in the film industry. Will Mia and Sebastian be able to fulfill their dreams?


I have watched tons of romantic films but neither of them delivers a good message. Those movies just tell the tale of two lovers who are desperately in love. This film is also like other movies in that aspect. However, in the end, it takes a different route and gives a very important message to all of us. It tells love is not just about being together but also about compromises and sacrifices. I won’t spoil those details for you, so, learn those by yourselves.

The second reason for the success of this film is the cast. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are truly amazing in this film. While Emma Stone won Oscar for her incredible performance, Ryan Gosling was nominated for Best Actor. There was nothing much to do for the supporting cast, yet they all have given their best to the film.

Speaking about the technical aspects, the film has nailed everything. Whether it be cinematography, production design, editing, or music. For instance, the dance sequence at the sunset. That scene is amazing when it comes to the technical elements. There was not a single cut in that scene. The whole scene was shot in just one take. Filming such a long shot with excellent cinematography and seamless editing is the beauty of this cinema. Speaking of which, the film has Academy Award for its cinematography, production design, original song, and original core.

This is all about the overall film but the soul of this film lies in the ending of the film. I have watched many romantic films and they all have the same pattern to end the film. The lead characters either end up together or dies in the finale. There is nothing wrong with it but this pattern is being followed in almost every film. Thus, there is nothing unique to be surprised about.

The first time when I was watching this film, I had the same concern about this film. Since the film did an excellent job of portraying such a good story, I did not want the same ending again. Instead, I was extremely surprised by such a unique ending. For me, the final act of this film was perfect. It was heartfelt and very emotional.

Should you watch La La Land?

If you have not watched this film yet then La La Land is the perfect romantic film for you to watch. Even if you do not like the musical genre, I suggest you give this film a try. I am pretty sure you would not regret it.

If you have watched it already then comment your thoughts on why La La Land is such a good film. Visit IMDb for more information about La La Land.

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