Why Iron Man was the most popular character among all superheroes?

Why Iron Man is the most popular character among all superheroes

Almost every superhero character has its fan base. Many dreams of becoming role models like Captain America or Batman. I bet many of you might have imagined having superpowers like Superman and Thor. However, when it comes to popularity, none of them stands even close to Iron Man. Do you know why? In this article, we are going to discuss why Iron Man was the most popular among all other superheroes.

1. Credit goes to Robert Downey, Jr.

If you have read my article on the screenplay, you would know why screenplay is important in making a film. A screenplay helps a role prime in calculating the runtime of the movie, budget of the film, and more.

But you will be amazed after knowing the fact that the first movie of Iron Man was made without a script. It means actor Robert Downey, Jr. did not even have time to study the character. So, in a way, you can say that Robert Downey, Jr was playing himself rather than a character of a comic book.

2. His superpower is his intelligence

As you know, Iron Man was one of those few characters that do not have any kind of superpowers. He neither had super strength nor super speed. He was not even gifted with superpowers like Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Superman. This is why Iron Man was unique to the rest of the superheroes (and people always love unique).

Inspired to help people, he invented his superpower, the Iron Man suit. Tony Stark’s (aka Iron Man) power was his sharp mind. It is one of the reasons that people loved him, however, he got his true followers when he eventually became Iron Man. Since today’s generation is more interested in technology, Iron Man’s tech suit excited them even more.

3. The unique personality of the character

Another reason that Iron Man became so popular is because of the unique personality that separates him from other superheroes. Before 2008, or even now, superhero movies carry the same morals and codes for the protagonist. But the character arc of Iron Man was different.

A flawless character makes itself distant from human beings. It indirectly affects the character development of the character. Therefore, people find it difficult to connect with such a hero. For me, Iron Man was the first hero that I could relate to in many ways. Rather than being an ideal hero, he was rude and stubborn. And these flaws made him one of the most relatable superheroes.

Most of the action/superhero movies contain a dark tone. Many try to avoid these kinds of films due to their unsettling themes. For example, Batman Returns (1992) was praised by the critics for its score, action sequences as well as criticized due to its dark tone.

This is where Tony Stark’s sarcasm comes in. His sarcastic nature was the core of his personality. His sarcasm was not just funny, but it also balances the dark and light tone of the film. As a result, people started liking him for his sarcastic jokes.

These three elements separate Iron Man from other superheroes. I believe these are the reasons why Iron Man so popular. Robert Downey, Jr.’s devotion towards the character and the unique persona of the character itself made him the most lovable character among all other superheroes.

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