The Tomorrow War (2021) Review

The Tomorrow War 2021

The Tomorrow War is a new Amazon Original movie released on July 2, 2021. It is an action sci-fi movie starring Chris Pratt in the lead role as Dan Forester.


In the year 2022, during a football game, a group of soldiers appears mysteriously claiming they are from the future. The squad leader warns that aliens will invade Earth 30 years from now. The leader requests people from the current timeline to join their forces to fight against aliens to save mankind.

The Tomorrow War depicts the story of a biology teacher Dan Forester struggling to get a job at a well-known research center. One day he receives a message that he is chosen to fight the war in 20151. Now this family man must survive in the future and return to his family.


I was not excited about this film at all because this kind of premise has already carried over many films. I knew there would be cool action sequences, but at the end of the day, it would be about saving the world from aliens. However, after watching the film, I was not disappointed that much. There were some good as well as bad elements in the film. Let us discuss them in detail.

I think the film is very rich on the technical level. Among all the creature movies I have watched till now, this film’s creature design was the best. Likewise, the CGI of creatures just pushed the creature design to the next level. The scary creatures coupled with the visual effects for the post-apocalyptic world lifted the technical level of the film furthermore.

The action sequences were also good in this film. The one action sequence where Chris Pratt and J. K. Simmons fight an alien in the third act of the film was my favorite one. The technical aspects and the cinematography for that particular scene were incredible.

One of the best things I liked the most about this film is that the physical appearance of the aliens was kept secret, not from only the characters but from the audience too until our heroes enter the future. Keeping the aliens’ physical appearance secret from the audience allows us to feel the thrill of seeing the creature for the first time. Whereas, keeping this information secret from the characters seemed like a realistic choice to me. It is because if this kind of information is revealed among people, no one would take a stand to fight the war against aliens.

Even though the film is very rich on the technical level, it has its flaws. One of the biggest flaws of the film is that the film has a lot to offer in 140 minutes of runtime. If you think about this for a moment, you would agree with me. It has action, thriller, adventure, science fiction, and on top of that Dan’s relationship with his family, friends, and whatnot. Handling this amount of elements in a single movie requires well execution, otherwise, it directly affects the film. I believe this is where film losses its game. I am not sure if this would be an issue for you, but for me, it was a lot to soak in.

Chris Pratt is incredible in this film as always. The cast of the film is also quite good, but their characters are not developed properly. Probably the makers had to focus on other aspects of the film, therefore, character development had been neglected. It is not like they have not tried to build characters. The character development for Dan Forester and his daughter Muri Forester was great. Their characters were established in a good manner and so is their relationship. On the other hand, character depth for other supporting characters is not enough. We do get a little information about them, but it was not enough to understand their role in the film.

Wikipedia says a sequel to this film is in development right now. So, if they already planned to bring a sequel to this film, they should have worked more on characters instead of other technical stuff. In that case, I would have enjoyed it even more.


For me, The Tomorrow War was a decent action sci-fi film. The film impressed me by its spectacular visual effects and the CGI for creatures. However, the film depressed me due to the lack of proper character development. I had a good time with it. If you are a hard-core sci-fi nerd or a fan of action movies, you will enjoy this movie more than I did.

LitLost Score: 74%

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