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Sherni (English translation: Tigress) is a new Amazon Original movie. It is drama film directed by Amit V. Masurkar. The film stars Vidya Balan, Sharat Saxena, and Vijay Raaz.


Vidya Vincent is a newly appointed Forest Officer in a remote place of Madhya Pradesh. Two months after her appointment, reports emerge that a tigress is hunting people and their animals. As a result, people are afraid to go to the jungle. As all the people in that area depend on the forest, Vidya must capture the tigress before she hurts anyone else. However, it will not that easy for her as this place is ruled by politicians who want that tigress dead.


I admire films that center around serious subjects. If the film had only been about capturing the tigress then I would have never liked it. I liked Sherni film because it concerns wildlife conversation and human-wildlife conflict. The film has succeeded in raising awareness in people’s minds about wild animals. The film excellently explored how animals are important for the food cycle and its balance.

I find this film informative more than entertaining. There was for me to learn from this film. For instance, the film hints at the fact that how humans are making the lives of animals difficult. It makes you think, even though development is important for humanity, we have no right to take over their territory. It will do nothing but damaging the balance of the ecosystem.  

Vidya Balan’s performance was as realistic as the film is. Her performance was flawless. I, nevertheless, have a problem with the writing of her character. The film surely gives a clear idea of her position in her professional life but I wanted to know more about her personal life. We get a little information about that. However, I did not find that enough to care for her. So, I wanted to know about her personal life indeed.

Vijay Raaz played the role of Hassan Noorani, a DNA analyst. I have known him from a couple of other comedy films. He is a great actor and I liked him in this film. It was nice seeing him playing such a serious role. Similarly, Sharat Saxena has also given his best to his character. You can consider him as the antagonist in the film. Although he does not have many appearances in the film, his character will make you uncomfortable as long as he is on screen.

I have said a lot of good things about the film but most of them have not been told directly. It is because they are either represented visually or emotionally. If you are the kind of person who needs dialogues to understand the film, you would probably not understand those films Thus, you will have to figure out them by yourself by paying proper attention to the film.


Sherni is an excellent film. It was a huge surprise for me. However, I will not recommend it to everyone. It is because it targets a specific audience. The film is way too realistic that you would find it a waste of time. Besides, slow pacing of the film will bore you. So, instead of wasting your time on such a film, watch something that entertains you.

If you still want to watch this film, I suggest you keep your expectations as low as possible. Do not expect spicy things, such as twists or suspense, from it because you will not get them. Despite it will just distract you from the main plot of the film. Visit IMDb for more information Sherni film.

LitLost Score: 87%

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