Watch these 5 Best Romantic movies if you like Titanic

Romantic movies like Titanic

I am a huge fan of romantic movies. I bet many of you also like these kinds of movies, otherwise, you would not be here looking for that. Likewise, if you are a romance film nerd then you must have watched Titanic film. Titanic is one of the best romance films ever made for sure. Therefore, I have listed the 5 best romantic movies like Titanic.

Some people always look for good romance films but choosing a film from the collection of thousands of different movies is a pretty tough task. It would get even worse if you fail to select a good movie. So, I thought I can help you in finding out the perfect film for you. In this article, I have cataloged 5 romantic movies like titanic. We all know how awesome this film is. It would be the favorite film of many of you. Hence, I am so sure you all will like the movies mentioned in my list.

1. La La Land:

La La Land Titanic

La La Land depicts the story of a musician and actress. Sebastian is an amateur jazz pianist who dreams to open his jazz club. Whereas Mia is a struggling actress trying to get into the film industry. They both fall in love, however, they can’t continue their relationship and follow their dreams simultaneously. They must find a solution to this problem, so that, they can fulfill their dreams.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are the lead cast in this film. Both of them are amazing in this film, especially Emma Stone for which she won the 89th Academy Award for Best Actress. The film has a tie with the Titanic for the most Oscar nominations for a single film. Out of 14 Oscar nominations, La La Land won six Oscars. I bet after knowing this trivia, now your interest in this film must have increased.

This is a musical film which means most of its dialogue is in fact songs. I know many of you would not be interested in musical films, although I insist you watch this film for once. I guarantee none of you will think it’s a waste of time.

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2. The Big Sick:

The Big Sick

Kumail Nanjiani is a Pakistani American man and a struggling stand-up comedian. One day he meets an American girl and eventually falls in love with her. Soon they both start dating each other. Since Kumail’s family is Pakistani, they want Kumail to marry a Pakistani girl. Therefore, Kumail had to keep his relationship secret. Now Kumail must tell his family about Emily and deal with cultural clashes.

Kumail Nanjiani and his wife Emily Gordon wrote the screenplay of The Big Sick by themselves. It is one of the most beautiful screenplays I have seen on screen, not to mention the film was nominated for Best Original Screenplay in 90th Academy Awards. The film is somewhat based on their real-life story. So, I think you should watch this film, not just because it is good but to know more about a different culture.

3. The Shape of Water:

The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water tells a fictional story of the ‘60s. It follows Elisa Esposito who is a cleaner at a secret government laboratory. She is mute, therefore, everyone refuses to be friends with her. One day Colonel Richard discovers a strange creature, captures him, and takes him to the facility for further study. Suffering from loneliness, Elisa begins to secretly approach the creature and fall in love with it. Will they be able to continue their relationship further?

As the lead character of the film is mute and his lover is not a human, much of the film relies on sign language. So, you will have to pay attention to the visual style of the film. The cast, direction, script, production design, and visual effects, all these elements make this film a true masterpiece. Although the film lost the 90th Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay to The Big Sick, it won other six awards including Best Picture.

4. Carol:

Carol movies like titanic

Carol (2015) is the story of a young woman in her late ‘20s falls develops a fondness for an older woman. The film follows Therese Belivet, a young photographer and a worker of a store in Manhattan. Whereas Carol Aird is a middle-aged woman going through a divorce. After several meetings, Therese starts developing feelings for Carol. Will she get love in return?

It is a romantic as well as very emotional film. Moreover, its intensity keeps escalating as the film progresses. Carol is a wonderful romance drama portraying the love of two women. The characters are so well written that totally justify the story. This film is a 120-minute emotional ride of love.

5. Her:

Her romantic movies like Titanic

Her (2013) depicts the story of a writer who grows romantic feelings for his assistant Samantha, an artificial intelligence. Theodore Twombly is an emotionally broken writer who is depressed over his failed marriage. He buys an artificial intelligence to help him with writing. Over the period, he develops feelings for his AI assistant Samantha. Are his feelings for the computer system legitimate?

It is 2013’s one of the best romantic films. Her film has won the 86th Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Joaquin Pheonix’s performance and voice-over by Scarlett Johnson are the two best things of this film. If you think Joker is the only great performance of Joaquin’s life then I request you to watch this film for once. I am sure you will appreciate his acting in this movie too.    

So, this is the list of the 5 best romantic movies like Titanic. Please let me know in the comment section if this ‘Romantic movie Recommendation List’ was helpful for you. Your comments will motivate me to write more and more reviews. Follow LitLost on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive the latest reviews via email.

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