Oxygen (2021) Review

Oxygen movie

Oxygen is a French sci-fi thriller movie released on Netflix. It is directed by Alexandre Aja and stars Melanie Laurent in the lead role.


A woman gains consciousness in a cryogenic chamber. She neither knows who she is nor how she got in that chamber. An artificial intelligence, named M.I.L.O., warns her that she is running out of oxygen. In these circumstances, her memory is the only key to survival. She must recollect her memory and find out a way to get through this situation before the oxygen runs out.


The plot of the film is very simple and shot in a very limited location. So, I was a little hesitant to watch this film as such films require excellent direction. The film caught my attention when I learned that Alexandre Aja is behind this movie. He is an amazing director. I knew him from another survival film, Crawl (2019). Therefore, I was very excited about this film and he played his role beautifully in this movie too..

These kinds of movies generally follow a plain plot where the victim is trapped in a situation and he/she must find a way out to survive. These movies majorly depend on the performance of the cast and the depth of their characters. It is because the audience has to feel the tension of the situation to understand the core of the film. Therefore, the cast carries a lot of pressure of driving the film by themselves. Melanie Laurent has proved to herself that she is capable of handling that pressure. She is amazing in this film. There were a couple of other actors for voice-over, but she is riding this film all by herself.

Intensity matters a lot when you are watching a survival thriller film. It engages the audience. In this film, there is an oxygen meter in that cryogenic pod which is gradually coming down towards zero. It means she hardly has 120 minutes to figure a way out. Therefore, the intensity is always high. The film capitalizes its full potential in captivating the intensity from the beginning to the end and it keeps increasing as the movie progresses.

Even though this film is not listed as a mystery film, there are moments where you can smell some mystery. As described in the plot, she has no memory of herself. She does not even know where she came from or how she got into that chamber. So, we kind of start to solve the mystery of how she ended up in that chamber. Likewise, the film also makes you question everything. For instance, why there is no one to help her or why unlocking the door is harmful to her health. And when everything unfolds in the third act, it will surely blow your mind.


Oxygen is an excellent survival thriller film. Melanie Laurent nailed this role with her incredible acting. Alexandre Aja again manifested himself that he clearly understands this genre. The film is full of surprises and unexpected twists. I already knew what was happening due to some reasons, therefore, the film did not surprise me as much as it was supposed to.

This film does give the vibes of Ryan Reynold’s Buried, but it stands for itself as the story moves forward. If you love such survival thriller movies, you will surely love this movie. Although it is a French film, English subtitles are available. You can also play it in English audio as the film is officially dubbed in English. If you haven’t watched these kinds of movies yet, I suggest you have patience. Let the film reveal itself, after that, the remaining film would be a piece of cake for you. Visit IMDb for more information about Oxygen movie.

LitLost Score: 82%

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