Modern Love Season 1 Amazon Original Series Review:

Modern love season 1

Are you bored watching regular romantic movies and shows? If yes, Modern Love is the perfect show for you to watch. Season 1 of Modern Love is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. It has only eight episodes where every episode is nearly 30-minutes long.  


Modern Love tells eight distinct real-life love stories published in the column of The New York Times. Despite focusing on a romantic love story of couples, Modern Love defines the true definition of love with each of its episodes.

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The most fascinating thing about this series is that you don’t have to watch every episode. You may be wondering how is that fascinating? I have watched hundreds of shows. Every episode of the series leaves you on a cliffhanger and makes you check out the next episode. It’s a positive sign but you will not get the satisfaction until you finish the whole show.

Since each episode of the series is not related to each other, you can watch this series as per your choice and still be satisfied. You don’t even have to watch them in order. You can either watch them randomly or skip to the next one.

As each episode is just half an hour-long, you will have to compromise with the character development. The show will throw you into the lives of random people and you will live a small event of their life for the next 30 minutes. Even though there was no time to develop the characters, they did not neglect it completely. They tried to develop some characters on their level but you will not get much from it compare to the characters of other shows.

The cast of the series is superb. I believe they are the ones who should get the credit for the success of this series. The cast is very huge, so, I can’t call for every actor. I will just say everyone in the cast has a major part in the success of this series. The rest of the credit goes to the directors and the writers who gave their best in their respective fields. The writers have written heartfelt stories that speak directly to the heart. Whereas, the directors excellently presented those stories on screen.

The beauty of this show is that it’s not only about the love stories we see on television now and then. It’s way better than those cliche stories. The series defines the true meaning of love. The relationship between a couple is not the only form of love. Love is a bond that makes you care for others. All the eight stories in the series prove this statement very well. I enjoyed the first three episodes, especially the one about a doorman and a young girl. It was very sweet watching a story where a girl has father-like feelings for a doorman.

If you ask me about the negatives, there are no weighty flaws. Since all the stories are based on true events, all the episodes are relatable. However, I don’t think each episode is relatable for every single viewer. It’s because these stories neither target a certain age group nor follow the same kind of relationship. Therefore, some episodes could be very boring for you. Moreover, some stories don’t have as much weight as other stories. I think those stories do not have much depth in them. As a result, those particular episodes fall a bit bland contrasted to the rest of the episodes.


Watching Modern Love season 1 was a very good experience for me. The first three episodes were very good. Rest of the episodes are also good, however, I didn’t enjoy them like the first three. But these are just my thoughts. You don’t need to have the same opinions about this series as mine. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if you say you liked all the episodes.

The next season of the same series will start streaming in few days. Seeing the standard of the first season, I am very excited to see more stories like this. Visit IMDb for more information about Modern Love.

LitLost Score: 81%

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