How I Became a Super Hero Review:

How I Became a Super Hero Review

Netflix has released a new french superhero Fantasy film, How I Became a Super Hero. It is directed by Douglas Attal and stars Pio Marmai and Vimala Pons.  


An unknown substance that gives normal people superpowers is being supplied in the city by a mysterious person. It is causing trouble for the citizens of the city. Lieutenant Moreau and Lieutenant Schaltzmann are assigned to find out the source of the unknown substance. Two vigilante superheroes later join the duo during the investigation. The Quartet must track down the source of the substance before anything goes wrong.


Starting with the positives, I think the plot of this film is very good. It is way different from other Superhero movies. You will find it unique unless you haven’t watched Project Power (2020). At the start, the film does give the vibes of Project Power but it becomes very different as we headway with the film. So, do not think of it as the remake of Project Power because you will notice the difference at the end.

Although I said the premise seems good, the screenplay does not utilize its true potential. I had a kindred issue with Project Power too. I thought this film would be different in that case, instead, it turned out the same. However, it’s not overly true. There were scenes where the writing was very good and you will surely enjoy them.   

Pio Marmai is the lead cast of this film and has excelled in his role. There is no flaw in his acting. However, I have issues with the writing of his character. To be honest, I liked his character. His tragic past made me so emotional, even though I am not satisfied with his character development. It is because we get that information in the last hast half an hour of the film. So, I did not find the reason why the movie was following his character in the first half. I don’t know if it would bother you, but for me, it was very late.

On the other hand, I like the fact that the film cared to give the right motivation to the antagonist. Many action movies these days do not spend time with the villain. The villain is as important as the hero is. In this movie, we get to know why is he doing what he is doing and why it is necessary for him. Therefore, it allows us to see things from his point of view as well.

Vimala Pons played the role of Lieutenant Scaltzmann, partner of Lieutenant Moreau. She was also nice in the movie but her character has not been given much to do. Hence, the brawl and the chemistry between the two lieutenants falls a bit bland. Same problem with the superhero vigilantes. If the story had focused on the characters, I would have appreciated it even more.


How I Became a Super Hero is a nice film and worth watching. As I told above, the film does give the vibes of Project Power but it is not completely the same. I loved the lead character, Lieutenant Moreau. The character development of his character was fine. I just wanted to know something about him in the first half. However, the end paid off very well. So, in a way, the movie did not disappoint me. I had a good time with it. I hope they will focus more on character development for the sequel.

If you love superhero movies, this is a must-watch film for you. The film is available in English language too. So, language would not be issue for you. Wise advice from me, do not it as an action-packed film. There are not must action sequences in the film. In addition, the first half of the film may let down your expectations but the later half would entertain you for sure. You will just have to be patient. Please visit IMDb for more information about How I Became a Super Hero movie.

LitLost Score: 71%

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