Headphones vs Headsets: Which one should you buy?

Headphones vs Headsets

This article will be different from my regular articles because it’s not a movie/series review. Since I spend most of my time watching movies and publishing reviews, I always require good audio accessories to watch movies. Good audio accessories give me a high-quality audio experience. Therefore, I always look for good audio accessories. In this article, I will share my thoughts on two types of audio accessories which are headphones and headsets.

Why only headphones and headsets?

I prefer headphones and headsets over earphones because of the sound quality. I admit most of the earphones nowadays have a very good sound quality, yet it is not that great compare to the earphones. The cushions of headphones and headsets perfectly block your ears in such a way that it cancels out extraneous noise and gives a smooth audio experience. Besides, headphones work slightly better in noise-canceling rather than earphones.

In addition, I had a terrible experience with earphones. I had been using them a couple of years back. I used to use them for 5-6 hours a day which used to hurt my ears a lot. It was very painful, therefore, I replaced my earphones with headphones. Now my ears are perfectly fine. I don’t have a single problem with headphones.

Headphones vs Headsets: Difference

  • What is the physical difference?

Headphones and headsets are almost identical to each other. Both have cushion-covered speakers which cancel out the extraneous noise very efficiently. The major difference between these two is the microphone. Headsets come with an attached microphone. So, you can use them for conference calls, gaming, etc. Whereas, headphones do not have an attached mic. These days headphones have a dedicated mic. Their quality, nevertheless, is not as good as headsets.

  • Which one has sound quality is better?

To be honest, I do not have any headsets. But I used them for a month when I was at my cousin’s house. The sound quality of the headsets is pretty average compared to their prices. If you pick any mid-range headphones, there is a possibility that their sound quality would be better than the high-range headsets.

Similarly, today’s headsets are designed as per the needs of video game players. Thus, headsets are mainly focused on bass. It enhances the gaming experience but it fails in other tasks. For instance, watching movies or listening to music. The bass effects such audios and give unclear sound.

  • Which one has more benefits?

In this battle of ‘headphones vs headsets’ in terms of benefits. Even though I prefer headphones over headsets, I must put headsets over headphones when it comes to the benefits. It is because most of the headphones do not have an attached microphone. If you purchase a headset then there is no need for you to buy a mic separately.

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Headphones vs headsets: Which one should I buy?

Before purchasing any product, you will have to realize your needs. You should why do you need that product. In this case, you must think about your need for an audio accessory. Whether it be gaming or listening to music.

What are the conditions for buying headphones?

If you want an audio accessory just to listen to the music, you should buy a pair of headphones. Headphones are rich when it comes to sound quality. You would not this difference unless you are a professional sound editor or a gamer, although you must take count that factor while buying an audio accessory.

In addition, headphones are very handy. Since headphones do not have attached-mic, you can easily carry them with you. You can use them anywhere you want. Moreover, these are very useful if you are traveling. You can use them in car, bus, or train. Likewise, you can even use them while exercising or jogging.

If you going to purchase headphones, try to buy wireless headphones. Wireless headphones are easy to carry while traveling, jogging, or performing any other activity. Here is the list of best headphones.   

What are the conditions for buying headsets?

I am not a hard-core gamer but I know the importance of a microphone while playing a game. I have played games such as Fortnight, Call of Duty, etc. From that experience, I analyzed that you must have a good-quality microphone to communicate with your team players. Hence, if you are a pro-gamer then you should buy headsets. Obviously, the sound quality will not be that great but you will have to compromise with it.

If you are not willing to compromise and want to buy headphones anyway, you will have to be prepared to spend some more money on a microphone. Or else, buy a headset that has a detachable mic. This way you can attach it as per your need.

If you going to purchase a headset for indoor usage, do not buy wireless headsets. It will do nothing but cost you extra money. So, purchase wired headsets rather than buying wireless one.


These are my personal thoughts on headphones and headsets. Whether you buy headphones or a headset, it’s up to you. Choose wisely between wireless products and cabled products. You have to decide which device fulfills all your needs. So that, you will not spend extra money.  

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