Fear Street Part 3:1666 Review

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 Review

Netflix has released the last film of the trilogy, Fear Street Part 3: 1666. Leigh Janiak has returned with his third installment to this trilogy. It stars Kiana Madeira, Benjamin Flores Jr., Gillian Jacobs, and Olivia Scott Welch.


At the end of Fear Street Part 2: 1978, Deena’s blood falls on the bones of Sarah Fier. Unlike Sam and Ziggy, Deena doesn’t only see the face but the whole life of Sarah Fier. The third installment of Fear Street depicts the origin of the curse. In addition, it explores the reason behind the unfortunate fate of all Shadysiders.


From the very beginning, my only concern about this trilogy was that its sequels would be predictable. However, the sequels kept surprising me with their unexpected moves. The first half of the film was very exciting. It excellently explores the origin of the curse. Whereas, in the seconds half, Deena and her team plan to stop the curse once and for all.

Unlike the first two movies, this film takes place in two different timelines. I like the first half because we get to know the civilization of 1666 which we are not aware of. The mindset of people, their believes, everything portrayed beautifully. Besides, I was deeply unsettled seeing the horrific things these people do to the person when who go against their customs.

To be honest, I did not enjoy the relationships in the first two movies It was fine but I was not that much interested in their chemistry. So, I was kind of relieved because guessing this film would not focus on romantic relationships. Surprisingly, my prediction went wrong in this film too, however, it did not let me down. Despite being irritated, I was fully invested in chemistry. It was engaging and very heartfelt.

Seeing the production design of the second film, I was excited to see watch this film in particular. The production design of Part 2 brought the authentic feel of the ’70s. Since this film takes place in the year 1666, it got me even more excited and it didn’t upset me at all. The atmosphere and the look of the film are gorgeous as well as true to that period. Moreover, the cinematography heightens the visual style to the next level.

The film paid off for me on the mystery and its astonishing twists. I never expected this film would go on such a different route. Similarly, I am pleased to know the reason behind the doom of Shadyside. It was precisely bad but nice knowing why Shadysiders’ life is so miserable. It certainly is about Sarah Fier but the way her story is told was so impressive and very emotional.

For me, the second act of the film is a little weak compare to the first act. It is because the horror was missing in the third act. The first two movies did a wonderful work on the horror factor. It distinguishes this film from its prequels. The first act nicely settled the origin of the curse. Therefore, all I needed was a good horror in the second act. I would have enjoyed it better if they had emphasized more on horror in the second half.


This film had a great responsibility to please its fans. I must say it ended this trilogy in a very good way. The first half of the film shocked me as the mystery starts to unfold itself. The second act disappointed me a little but I can easily those mistakes. I had a great time with the film.

If you haven’t it’s prequel yet, do watch them. All these movies are interconnected to each other. Otherwise, you would not enjoy this movie that much. Although the horror aspect of this film may fail your expectations a bit, it will not fail with its mystery and twists. Visit IMDb for more information about Fear Street Part 3:1666.  

LitLost score: 85%

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