Fear Street Part 2: 1978 Review

Fear Street Part 2: 1978

Netflix has released its second installment to the Fear Street trilogy, Fear Street Part 2: 1978. Leigh Janiak has continued his role as the director in this movie. The film stars Sadie Sink, Emily Rudd, Ryan Simpkins as the lead cast.


Following the events of Fear Street Part 1, Deena and Josh arrive at C. Berman’s house to figure out a way to save Sam. Seeing their determination to save their friend, C. Berman decides to help the siblings. She narrates the story of 1978, where another Shadysider was possessed by the witch with the impulse to slaughter people.


The first part of this trilogy gave almost everything that a slasher movie nerd expects. it settled its marks with its thrills and mystery. The fans of this trilogy were hyped for this film, but does it live up to the expectation? Let us get into that.

Just as its prequel, all the characters are played beautifully by the cast, even though the film has no famous actors. I just knew Sadie Sink from her role in Stranger Things Season 3. I loved her in Stranger Things and so in this film. She played the role of a spoiled stubborn girl. Her character appears to be annoying because of her personality, but it is also sympathetic when you look at how her friends treat her.

I remember I said that I liked the romantic chemistry between characters in Fear Street Part 1. There are also romantic relationships in this film, but I was not interested in them. All I cared about the relationship between the two sisters, Ziggy and Cindy. These two sisters have nothing in common except a dispute. Seeing them you can easily tell they hate each other, although it is also true that hatred is the ultimate form of true love. So, when the time comes, they started to care for and protect each other. And I enjoyed watching their love-hate relationship.

Since we are moving backward in time, I hoped they would bring the feel of that period to this film. The atmosphere of this film genuinely has the feel of the ’70s. Therefore, I am fully satisfied with the production design. Besides, the only thing I was missing from its prequel is the Halloween costumes. I was hoping they would go with those costumes this time too, instead, we got a guy with an ax. I am not saying this is affecting the horror factor of the film. But a guy with a Halloween mask looks even scarier.

After watching Fear Street Part 1, I thought there wouldn’t be enough mystery and twists. I expected it since we already got the flashbacks and stories about what had happened in the past. However, I am happy to say that I was wrong. There would not be as much mystery as we get in the first part, but the film keeps surprising you with its gore, twists, and thrill.

My major issue with the film is that it invests a lot of time in characters’ encounters with each other. It is right when you of it as character development, however, it becomes cliche at times. The film takes its time to settle the characters first. When all characters are established accordingly, the action kicks in.

This wasn’t the case in Fear Street Part 1. I liked the storytelling of the first part. I was thrilled with its very opening scene. In the first film, we were getting ‘slashers’ and story buildup back and forth. Thus, the film seemed pretty engaging.

Many people don’t have the patience while watching these kinds of movies. They expect a 90-minute thrill ride which would keep them on the edge of their seat. And if they watch a film that takes 40 minutes to build the story, I am afraid they will leave the movie midway.   


Fear Street Part 2: 1978 may not be as good as Part 1, it is still a good movie to watch. The film delivers everything as promised. Initial 40 minutes includes unnecessary cliche things. Once you get through this, you will enjoy the rest. A piece of fair advice from me, don’t get too attached to the characters. The film is not afraid to rip off all your expectations. If you are hyped for this trilogy, you will surely enjoy this movie. Visit IMDb for more information.

LitLost Score: 70%

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