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Who am I?

Hello readers, 

Welcome to LitLost. I am Abhishek Suresh Shivgan, founder, owner, and author at LitLost. I have started this blog to share my knowledge about films with my blog readers.

If you watch movies just for entertainment, my blog will help you to understand the vision of makers for the film. I love to write about film related stuff. So, if you like to watch films and/or want to learn about the filmmaking process, LitLost is the perfect platform that will fulfill all your needs. I regularly update my content, so that, readers would learn something new regularly. 

My work at other places..

I have also come on other blogs as a guest writer. I have listed all my articles below. If you are interested, you can read them. If you want me to write an article, feel free to contact me.

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